Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Ladies Have Arrived.

Yesterday was the big day!

We rented a little UHaul truck to go get the birds in Concord, Ma.  We took advantage of a delivery that was being made to Pete and Jenn's Backyard Birds in Concord.  We got to meet Pete, who was a great help to us chicken newbies.  The outfit in Rhode Island that coordinated the order brought in 4000 chickens and it was a little overwhelming to see this tractor trailer pull up that was loaded that morning with 4000 18 week old chickens.

We were the last stop of the day so only 600 birds were left on the truck (500 for Pete and 100 for us).  After unloading all the birds and a little tour of some equipment at Verrill Farm (Pete is also a farm manager for Verrill Farms) we headed home to unload.

Everyone made it safely back home and one of the hens decided to lay us a little pullet egg during the ride home.  Here is a picture of them all in the back of the UHaul.

Then we loaded them 10 at a time into our transport coops, through the mud, to the back of the greenhouse and into their new portable coop.  Loaded up the food and water feeders and everyone was safely home and eating.

After a day or so they will make their way into the hoophouses to eat some leftover spinach and kale.

Stay tuned for the availability of fresh, organically fed, free range chicken eggs.  We are hoping to have smaller pullet eggs available in the next week or two!